Monday, 16 May 2011

A worrying story from Cornwall.

The errors are coming in thick and fast over the last few days.

David Breer's interesting blog The scientific study of plants

Also, I have a message from a gentlemen in Cornwall who has
found a poster in his post office to the effect that five species of
weeds must be destroyed if you have them on your land.

and he continues,

My Cornish correspondent is concerned because already the local churchyard has been sprayed, to the detriment of other species.

And the comments on the blog are even more worrying they are full of people who misunderstand the law on ragwort and who believe that it is far more dangerous than it should be.

Seriously worrying is the fact that now other plants which, like, thistles are valuable nectar sources. The Weeds Act 1959, which is really an anachronism that was never enforced until the campaigners generated hysteria, doesn't make controlling these plants automatic and compulsory. I cannot see how many churchyards would require controlling even under the poorly thought out guidance created by DEFRA.


After writing this blog entry I find that the blog I am quoting doesn't belong to David Breer at all. On attempting to dig out the author and follow up on the poster story I found that it is a site that very cleverly takes information from on-line discussions and converts them to look like blogs. In this case the discussion, although marked as recent, is in fact a discussion from a few years ago. The text I quote is quite genuine it just isn't recent.
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