Sunday, 8 May 2011

Milton Keynes council also gets it wrong

Continuing the theme of Councils that get things wrong here is Milton Keynes Council

They say with relevance to ragwort:-
The Weeds Act 1959 requires that five specified weeds are controlled.

This is of course not true.The law on Ragwort is quite clear . It does not automatically require that ragwort is controlled. It just lets the government order people to control it when it is a problem.

The problem here, like many side effects of ragwort hysteria, is that other wildlife is also being harmed in the process of unnecessary ragwort control. A look around the council's website shows that they are using it as a justification for overmowing all roadside verges.

You can also find reference to this council's error here. Milton Keynes Council ragwort errors
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