Wednesday, 25 May 2011

An example of misinformation countered

A few weeks ago a story appeared in a local newspaper

A NEW menace has sprung up at Apex Park in Highbridge - ragwort.

The Friends of Apex Park have taken action against the growth, which has affected the wild flower meadow.

A sub-group, under the leadership of Patrick Stokes, has been using organic sprays on the ragwort, which can be dangerous to horses and cattle.

This is a nature reserve and the matter was mentioned on an on-line discussion group.
One of the members contacted the local council who it turned out misunderstood the law on ragwort and the guidance ( which is pretty badly done anyway) and they realised that they did not need to control the ragwort. Unfortunately before this information was countered more people would have been mislead by the article in the newspaper. It is the constant stream of poor stories in the press, often put there by vested interests, and the repeating of this on websites that leads to more unnecessary damage to biodiversity.
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