Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Excellent letter from Buglife

There was a short but rather excellent letter in today's edition of The Times  It was from Matt Shardlow the Chief Executive of Buglife the Invertebrate  Conservation Trust.  They are an excellent conservation organisation that is well worth joining.

There was one of the usual letters in the paper earlier this week repeating the usual nonsense that I blog about. People believe this because of dodgy publicity put out by people with a vested interest and it spreads around. (Ragwort is, as I frequently say, shown to be decreasing in official surveys.)
However, this letter succinctly puts the other side.

    The claim by G. Smithers (Letter 8th Oct) that the public and grazing  animals  are being let down by councils and landowners  who are indifferent to the spread of common ragwort was typical of the  hyperbole surrounding this native flower  The Ragwort Control Act 0f 2003 does not force landowners to control the spread of ragwort, this can only be done via a specific  order served on a landowner. Ragwort is only dangerously toxic if eaten in large quantities. We are unaware of any properly confirmed  livestock death  from ragwort in  the  past decade. A few plants of this native  species along public rights of way  cause no harm  and help to support our declining populations of other pollinators.

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