Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Another peculiar reaction

As I say I could blog every single day about incorrect or misleading things being said about ragwort.
The fuss over it goes beyond all reason.It is portrayed as some deadly creeping triffid that kills all in its wake.
We are told a whole host of falsehoods. It is dangerous to dogs (see ragwort and dogs) kids,etc. It kills thousands of horses every year. None of these things is true at all. They have been comprehensively debunked. Yes there is a problem with hay, but it is a small one. Ragwort poisoning is rare.

Then we get this. Someone is watching a film and they see ragwort and feel disgusted.  As is shown in this  example from Twitter.

Nick Gaven ‏@NickGaven

So much ragwort on Saving Private Ryan. Makes me sick.
Well all I can say to this person  is this.. You are wrong. Look at all the stuff that has been made up.
Like this in Your horse magazine and if you are capable of rational thought and have good powers of critical thinking you will see you are wrong .
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