Monday, 11 August 2014

Vandal damages rare fen ragwort

It has been an unusually long period between blog postings. This is not because I have lost interest. It is because there has been a lot of other ragwort stuff to do. Some of it I am likely to blog about in the future.

This blog is largely about Common Ragwort but today I want to go back to the first ever posting I made.
Fen Ragwort a protected plant is not immune 

I documented there someone wanting to destroy this rare native plant which has a wild population in a single ditch in Cambridgeshire! 

Now the plant has been sprayed with weedkiller. It may well be accidental but it would still appear to be a criminal act. The site is, I am told, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and it is a criminal offence to cause damage to one.The plant is also a listed protected species.Anyone working near this plant should have known to be careful!

Botanist Brian Laney has taken a photograph

The person who did this is  almost without doubt a vandal. As the Oxford English Dicttionary, the accepted authoritative dictionary of English, defines it.

a wilful or ignorant destroyer of anything beautiful, venerable, or worthy of preservation.

So please make a fuss and COMPLAIN! This email address is the only one I can find but it will do the job

While you are at it you may care to take note of the hysteria and tell them that if they are enforcing Defra's code on COMMON ragwort they may be endangering this rare plant  FEN ragwort as well as their own reputation. People on social media are already commenting about the link.

I have a lot to do today so I am not going to wtite a long blog entry but these are the salient facts.

Common ragwort is poisonous but the fuss is largely made up. See this blog entry.
See this entry on my website for one example amoung many of how horsey organisations created hysteria
The poisoning is all about risk to animals See this entry to see how attrociously bad Defra's maths is.  (A 16year old school child studying statistics should be better!)

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