Saturday, 11 August 2012

Silly Olympic panic!

Oh dear. I was working on a longer more complicated post, which I may post later in the day, but my eye has just been caught by some really really stupid hysteria on twitter. People are complaining that they can see some ragwort by one of the Olympic cycle tracks.

I see some rather hysterical seeming person is so convinced by all the misinformation has just suggested I might be a "troll"on Twitter. I am not. I have spent years studying the science on ragwort and I am offended by the nonsense that is regularly in the horsey and other press. It is a characteristic of scientific minded people like me not to like unscientific nonsense.

 Sally Scheffers ‏@thursleyfarmer

#MTBHadleigh the course looks great but couldn't someone have pulled the mass of ragwort. The roadsides are bad enough but an Olympic venue?

Sondes Place Farm Sondes Place Farm ‏@Sondesplacefarm

@LouNfu @BakersofHP I tweeted this rough pic of the tv the other day showing a bbc LDN journo with ragwort behind !

 Graham Campbell Graham Campbell ‏@gc_skye

Watching women's mountain biking at Olympics. Great viewing, but the ragwort at side of track & in fields very distracting for a crofter!
from Highland, Highland

 VinceNoirElectroStar VinceNoirElectroStar ‏@MightyBooshBoo

@221B_Gemma what is ragwort?

 Tim Thomas Tim Thomas ‏@timofnewbury

the deep yellow of ragwort flowering appears alongside the Women's cross country #MTB cycling course #London2012 #Olympics

 N M Fencing N M Fencing ‏@NM_Fencing

Someone needs to get out and pull some of the ragwort at #HadleighFarm #mountainBiking

Rachael Rachael ‏@B_R_I_L

Lovely great swathes of ragwort at the #Olympics2012 #cycling circuit!! I see they don't know it should be pulled up!!

 Gemma Alonso Holmes Gemma Alonso Holmes ‏@221B_Gemma

The amount of ragwort in the background of the mountain biking is making me want to cry.

 The Lavender Lady The Lavender Lady ‏@LavenderLadyUK

Can't concentrate on the cycling #olympics because I'm mesmerised by all the ragwort #toxic
This just shows the level of hysteria. The plant is not dangerous to people. It is very important ecologically and there isn't even that much risk to livestock.

This all started it seems based on silly and highly exaggerated claims of animal deaths. Yes the plant is poisonous but the problem has been exaggerated. The silly figures were supposedly based on recorded deaths of horses at an animal hospital. I have checked with them and they recorded no cases at all for the five years for which figures were available 2006-2010.

It might just be clear to people because I have a blog on the subject that I might know something about it, but just let me make it clear. I have been studying ragwort and the reaction to it for years. I have other experts from across the world who help me research and support what I am saying.

The Advertising Standards Authority, who are independent and just look at the facts, stopped a whole batch of adverts that were passing on the usual nonsense last year..

These people are panicking over nothing.

It isn't against the law. It isn't a problem there at the Olympics and NO it should not be pulled up.

See this posting for more information

And finally to those tweeting. A future or current employer might judge you by your tweets so please be sensible. It is also AGAINST THE LAW To just pull it up on someone else's land.

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