Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Highland Council repeats ragwort notifiable weed hoax

It is an all too  typical occurrence for a council to get the facts wrong about ragwort. This time it is  Highland Council in Scotland who say incorrectly.:-

Householders are reminded that the brown bin collections and garden waste skips at Recycling Centres are intended solely for garden waste such as grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, twigs and small branches, flowers and weeds but excluding notifiable weeds such as Japanese knotweed and ragwort.
I'll repeat it again as I have said it before there is no such thing as a notifiable weed in UK law.

Why on earth shouldn't this plant be composted anyway. It doesn't make compost dangerous. There are plenty of other plants containing the same chemicals and to see this native and ecologically valuable mentioned next to Japanese Knotweed just serves to highten the hysteria.

Worse still this is a press release. It is already appearing on other sites. A blog and a forum so far and it is just a matter of hours. Telling people it is "notifiable" makes them complain more and more fuss is made and we get more hysteria.

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