Saturday, 6 August 2011

Ragwort no risk to humans

One of the commonest myths that circulates the internet is that ragwort poses a serious risk to human health. It does not.

This scare story is often used by the "horsteria" lobby to persuade people to control ragwort out of fear.

Yes ragwort is poisonous, but people don't eat it so it isn't a risk!

There is also the skin absorption myth that you can be poisoned by handling the plant.

Rather than write an extensive essay on the subject I will refer you to two articles on the internet.
Ragwort the science why it is no risk to people

and this
Ragwort poisoning through skin fact or fiction?

The first article quotes the second which is co-authored by a leading world authority on ragwort Dr Pieter Pelser whose Phd is specifically on ragwort.

Having looked carefully at the evidence, he concludes there is no evidence to support the skin absorption story.
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